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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

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An Amazing Night With an Escort! (18+)
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A man is sitting in his house; it is a large house owned by a successful businessman.
The man is in his mid-thirties, he has black-coloured hair and is around six foot tall. He is your normal everyday guy build meaning he is not fat or too skinny. He looks to work out quite a bit as he has large muscular arms; he is also cleanly shaven as well on his face, but he has to wear glasses as he is long-sighted so whenever he has to read something or watch the TV when he is too close to it or anything to do with his office work. He currently dressed in a casual black, sweater and black jeans; the man is also wearing a pair of Nike trainers which are black to match the jeans, or it would look out of place.

He suddenly stops watching his massive 40 inches, plasma television in his living room, which is a pretty large room with two large chandelier lampshades. The Man thinks to himself while he is sitting down on the sofa, which was a light-brown colour, ‘I am bored, I am going to hire a pretty escort girl for the night and make dinner for her and make her do exactly what I want tonight. I make all this money why not flaunt it?”
Next, He turns off the television and leaves the living room and walks upstairs and turns on his pc and waits for it to boot up. After his computer is ready he uses his internet and looks for a really good escort service and finally finds a company called Sugarpuff’s Escorts and sees a stunning mixed Lebanese woman among all the girls that work for that company. The man cannot quite work out the other part of her heritage, but the mystery makes her look even more attractive and sexy to him and he then sees that she is called Vasanta.
he suddenly speaks out loud to himself, “Mmmm, what a beautiful & stunning girl this is and her name sounds lovely too… I am so fucking her all night tonight. After I give her a romantic massage and dinner she will be my special princess and my personal whore for the night!’ he smiles devilishly.

He then picks up his cordless, handheld telephone that is next to his computer and starts to dial the number on the screen and a pretty female voice answers the phone, she is the receptionist of the company as they have many girls that work there, “Sugarpuff’s escorts how can I help you!”
He replies loving the sound of this woman’s voice, “Hi, My name is Alex, I would like to use your escort services.”
“Oh you would do you, we do offer the best escort service out there, Which girl would you like to book and when?
But, before you book anyone let me tell you about our stunning new special, all night deal, for only £500, which gives you an evening from 7 pm until 2 am with the girl of your choice. Also please state if she is to do sexual stuff as we need you to sign a contract that she will bring for security and company procedure. Now which girl would you like to book?” explained The Receptionist
“I want Vasanta for tonight, she looks absolutely beautiful and I want her for the whole evening, I would like to do me sexual favours too, so if she does not do that stuff as I know every escort does different services. Please let me know as I only want Vasanta!”
“Oh, you want the half English/Lebanese bombshell, Vasanta! She has very little limits too, so she will happily show you a good time, both professionally and sexually!
I just simply hope you can handle her; she is our best girl, will you be paying cash or by visa?”
“Visa, since it is contracted!” replied Alex on the telephone. #
Alex then tells her his debit card number and the payment is authorised in advance, he also explains the address to the receptionist so she can pass the details onto, Vasanta. Please remember to tell Vasanta when she arrived that you paid by Visa already when she asks for payment as escorts do not get involved with this side of the business; they only deal with their clients directly.

“Okay thank you for your time, I will now wait patiently for my lovely Vasanta, Goodbye!” answered Alex as he puts down the phone and puts it back where it belonged.
‘Oh she sounded amazing in bed too’ he thought to himself as he decided to get the candles ready for their dinner at the kitchen table.
He places two candles and begins to start cooking her dinner, “What would she like… I wonder, hmm let’s try White Bean Crostini for an appetizer and then I will serve us both the main course, which will be Pan Seared Salmon with Roasted Potatoes and Asparagus!’
Alex continues to make the dinner, but suddenly the front doorbell rings, “Oh man she is early, unless its someone else, but I am expecting no one!” he muttered out loud to himself.
He opens the door slowly and he sees a beautiful young lady aged between 20-30 years old. She is wearing a shimmering, short black dress that barely covers her ass, she wearing stripper-type, black high heel shoes, which go with any outfit. The black dress fits perfectly and tightly around her voluptuous, curvy body. She has light, brunette coloured hair, which drapes down to her mid-back as she has it styled-straight, but let down. She is slightly shorter than Alex as she is only five foot and eight inches tall.
She also has light, hazel coloured eyes that are like the stars from the sky, they glow as she greets him, “Hello, it is, Alex, right? I am Vasanta the Escort that you purchased from Sugarpuff’s Escorts!”
“Yes I am Alex, Please to meet you, Vasanta, you are more beautiful than your pictures online, and please come on inside before you catch a cold with that short dress of yours!” He replied politely.
She blushes slightly ass he enters Alex’s house and simply replies with, “Aww, thank you! That was very sweet of you to say!”
“Vasanta please take a seat in the living room, I was cooking us both dinner, and you arrived slightly earlier than I was expecting,” explained Alex.
“Oh that is something new, usually guys just want to fuck the hell out of me!” she joked, but being sincere about it too as she smiles and then speaks again, “I look forward to it as I have not eaten yet!”
“Thank you, anything for such a wonderful lady like yourself. Also, I have sky television; so I am sure you will find something to watch on TV, but when I call you we will eat in the kitchen,” said Alex
Alex speaks again from the kitchen, “Do you have the contract for me to sign the receptionist said something about that?”
“Yes, Alex, I will bring the contract out to the kitchen and you can sign it while Cooking since I already signed my side stating that I am yours for the night… I just need your payment before we can do anything more and your signature,” explained Vasanta.
“Vasanta, I have already paid via my Visa, Debit Card, and the lady I spoke to said I would need to explain this to you, I will happily sign your contract now though!”
“That is fine, Alex, I have to ask this every time I visit a client, and I just need to verify this. It is part of the company procedure!” she explained again.
“Do not worry, Vasanta, I totally understand; I can imagine a lot of guys just want to get you in bed for free!” He joked while she phones through to her company.
Vasanta brings over the contract to Alex at the Kitchen table while holding the phone next to her ear while she points to where to sign and Alex signs it and hands it back to him.
She walks back into living room and sits down on the sofa and the nightly receptionist finally answers her call, “Hi, it is Vasanta… I would like to verify my, Client Alex’s Visa payment has gone through before I start doing anything with him?”
“Yes, Vasanta, you can go ahead and your way with him or whatever he wants to do to you,” she giggled, which puts a smile on Vasanta’s face as she hangs up her mobile phone.
“Alex everything is all fine, simply call me when dinner is ready!” she said as she begins to watch TV while waiting patiently.

Thirty minutes past and he turns off the lights in kitchen and lights the two candles so that they have a candlelit dinner, “Vasanta, please come in dinner is ready!”
“Oh my, candlelit dinner, I am being spoilt!” she giggles as Alex takes Vasanta by her right hand and kisses it softly, before leading her to her seat and sits her down on the chair.
He takes his seat and sits down as well. Next, Vasanta begins takes her knife and fork and starting cutting into her starter meal take a bite of it, “Mmmm, this is delicious, what it called!”
“Just a basic recipe called White Bean Crostini, so glad that you like it!”
“I love a man who spoils me and can cook!” she said teasingly and playfully.
“I love to impress my woman, even if you are an escort girl you still deserve to be treated like a princess; after all, I am paying for this, so you may as well enjoy your time with me!” he stated!
“Do you enjoy fucking guys for money?” he asked
“I do this as its easy money, but I just can’t get enough of sex I love it!”
they both laugh and continue to happily eat their starter course.
“Now for the main dinner, hope you will like this as much as the appetizer; it is called Pan Seared Salmon with Roasted Potatoes and Asparagus!” declared Alex.
“Wow, I love Asparagus, cannot wait to taste it, I also love Salmon too!” replied Vasanta!
“I want to taste you later, I bet you are more delicious!” joked Alex.
“Oh naughty boy!” she starts laughing and they both finish up eating their meal.
“Vasanta, Please do not worry about the dishes just leave it in the sink I will wash it up after you go home at 2 Am!”
“Awww, too Kind, should I go and wait for you in the living room now?” asked Vasanta.
“Yes, please and get undressed for me and lay down on the sofa face-down. I want to give you a full body massage and then I am going fuck you!” he winks after saying the second part.
‘Mmmm, this guy is definitely worth fucking I would do it for free too! He is romantic, sensual and hot as fuck!’ she thinks to herself as she goes into the living room.

Vasanta begins to take her tight dress off revealing her amazing body; she is now in a black-laced Bra as she takes out her large double DD breasts after un-clipping her bra. Her breasts are at least a 32 plus in diameter she then slides off her sexy black-laced thong that barely covered her pussy, which happens to be so beautiful, fully shaven but she hides it from him as she lies face-down on the sofa. Alex had already placed a towel over it and knowing Vasanta was an escort he did not supply any to cover her up as he knew she will get naked and eventually that he will fuck her so well later that night.
Vasanta, makes herself comfy as she hears the footsteps of Alex enter the room as he carries in some Lavender scented Massage lotion for, Vasanta; he notices she has a really well-designed tattoo on tail-bone, “Vasanta that tattoo looks professionally designed and is amazing, what is it?”
“It is Egyptian lore, Ma’at the goddess of protection!”
“Very nice,” replied Alex as he gently moves Vasanta’s long, brunette hair to one side as he starts to apply the oil to the back of her neck, he rubs it in circles,
“Mmmm, that feels nice, Alex!” moaned Vasanta softly.
Alex noticed she is really enjoying his touches and takes his sweet time, massaging her amazing body, knowing it is his for rest of the night.
“Vasanta your all mine for the night!” he said playfully as he kisses her gently on her exposed neck
“Mmmm, Alex!” she moans as it is her weak spot.
Alex then pours oil all over her back, which makes her shiver slightly, “Do not worry, Vasanta I will warm that backup, let me take care of you, sweetie!”
Vasanta smiles not used being treated this way by her clients and goes along with the flow as she really is a sensual person; she only acts nasty with her clients as they tell her too!
Alex runs his hands up and down her spine using his palms spreading out his thumbs, “That feels really good, Alex, Mmmm!” moaned Vasanta again.
Alex whispers her into her ear, “You are so beautiful, Vasanta!” and kisses her below her ear.
“Mmmm, Alex you really know how to treat a girl,” she smiles after saying that.
He then gently spanks her on her cute little ass, “Mmmm, naughty boy, but I love it!” she moaned as she loves to be spanked playfully.
Alex then pours oil on her ass and rubs it better and firmly massages her lovely ass cheeks and purposely rubs her outer pussy-lips with his thumbs, “Mmmm, Baby!” she moaned again.
He kisses her neck again as he rubs her inner thighs and long legs, grabbing each of her calves and stretches her left leg out. Alex then grabs Vasanta’s other leg and stretches it out, “You are in amazing shape; you must work out a lot?” he asked.
“Yes, I do running on my running machine at home and go to the gym two or three days a week when not working. Work also gives me plenty of exercises too!” she said naughtily
Alex smiles and then says, “We will find out how good you are at that shortly!”
He then holds her feet and massages them she begins to tingle and giggle as she is ticklish on the soles of her feet.
“Ticklish, there are we?” laughed Alex.
“Turn over now I want to see that body and play with your, tits, baby-girl!”

Vasanta obeys her client like a good girl knowing she has no choice but to be his sexy whore for the night.
“I love being told what to do; being a whore is so sexy sometimes it turns me on!” she said as her pussy glistens with wetness.
“Mm already wet for me. I see you do not just fuck for money! You do get really turned on and naturally just like to fuck, you are such a sweet little whore, Vasanta, but my whore!”
“Mmmm, call me that again baby!” said Vasanta as she likes it for some strange reason.
“You will now only speak when I tell you too!” as he gently pulls her hair as he starts sucking on her left breast.
“Wow, I love how you treat me in bed, you were such a gentleman before!” Moaned Vasanta loving it.
“Mmmm, such a dirty little whore, Vasanta, getting turned on by having someone pull your hair!” Alex said grinning.
He then slides his tongue inside of her mouth and kisses Vasanta deeply. Vasanta then puts her arms around Alex’s back and they start making out softly as she rubs his back up and down with her long black-painted nails that matched her dress that she did have on earlier.
“Mmmm, Vasanta, those nails feel good!” moaned Alex in pleasure.
Alex then starts kissing her neck really seducing her making her want him, “Mmmm, Alex you fucking making me feel good, I want that big hard cock of yours now!”
Alex quickly starts to unbutton his shirt and he removes his shirt, he then grabs both of Vasanta’s breasts and pushes them together, “Your breasts are amazing, what size are they?”
“They are 32 DD!” replied Vasanta as he sucks them again one at a time.
“Mmmm, Baby!” moaned Vasanta as she starts to take off Alex’s jeans while he sucks on her large boobs.
“Mmmm, Vasanta I love aggressive woman!”
Next, she tells him, “Shut up! You are now getting your hard cock sucked if you like it or not!”
Alex is in shock momentarily at how naughty Vasanta is right now and realizes what the receptionist said she is their best girl.

Vasanta then takes off his boxer shorts and she kneels in doggy-style in front of him, “Mmmm, you have a large cock!” as she pushes the head between her luscious and voluptuous lips.
“Mmmm, Vasanta!” Moaned Alex, as he holds her hair gently stopping it from getting in her eyes.
Next, he runs his fingers through it as she starts sucking him up and down with her mouth. Alex sees his cock disappear into her warm, and lustful mouth.
“Mmmm, your cock tastes so nice!” moaned Vasanta while she is sucking him.
“Oh god, Vasanta… your lips were designed just to suck cock weren’t they, so amazing, Mmmm!” he grabs two handfuls of her hair and forces her to suck him deeply.
Vasanta gasps for air for a bit before Alex lets her come up from the air, “Mmmm, suck my cock you little whore!”
this just encourages Vasanta to suck him even better as she works that pretty little mouth of hers up and down and she places her tongue on the bottom end of his shaft each time she sucks.
“Oh god, Vasanta!” screamed Alex.
“Mmmm!” moaned Vasanta enjoying his hard nine inches, thick cock.
He grabs her firmly by her hair now, and she spits gently over his cock while he holds her, “God, I love it when you treat me like a whore!” shouted Vasanta.
She then starts to stroke his cock with her right hand as Alex prevents her from sucking him, just holding her hair firmly, “Mmmm, Vasanta! Now let me taste that divine pussy of yours!” declared Alex.

“Let me sixty-nine you then baby I am not done sucking that cock!” pleaded Vasanta desperately.
“Oh I love how filthy you are, Vasanta, wish you were my wife!”
“you are married asked, Vasanta?”
“Yes, Wife is away on a business trip so I decided to have some extra fun as I was lonely tonight!”
“I am happy you chose me… this turns me on more now, knowing that you are married and you will not be disappointed and I won’t tell anyone about this!” replied Vasanta as she tilts her body back in doggy-style, but facing the other way as Alex grabs hold of Vasanta’s petit ass with both hands and he starts to slowly lick her already dripping, wet hot pussy.
“Mmmm, Alex!”
“Oh, Vasanta you do taste better than our meal earlier, like strawberries!”
Vasanta continues motioning her mouth up and down wrapping her beautiful and luscious lips tightly around Alex’s hard shaft as he continues to slowly lick the slit of her juicy pussy up and down.
Alex then starts sucking on her tiny, swollen clitoris making Vasanta scream in pleasure. “Oh god, Alex! Mmmm, baby!”
“Mmmm, Vasanta, please stop sucking me I want to make you cum as I lick you from behind against the sofa in doggy and you going make me cum if you keep this up much longer, baby!”
“Mmmm, you are paying for me your wish is my command,” giggled Vasanta as she turns around and faces the sofa in doggy-style.
Alex grabs her by the ass and spanks her again before licking her again he also licks her ass cheeks one at a time, which really turns her on some more.
“Mmmm, Alex I so need you to fuck me soon, you are driving me like a wild pussy-cat!” screamed Vasanta as she begins to purr with pleasure like a naughty little wildcat.
“Not yet Vasanta we I still have little bit more time with you!” said Alex as he slides his tongue deep inside of pussy from behind and tickles her ass with his nose.
“Mmmm, ALEX!” screamed Vasanta in pure ecstasy.
“you like that don’t you, my little dirty whore!”
“Yes Baby!” acknowledged Vasanta.
he spanks her some more and slides two fingers inside of her pussy from behind, “Oh my god never had a woman get this wet before!” explained Alex.
He finger fucks her nice and hard, and very fast hitting her g-spot perfectly; however, Alex gets a nice little surprise. Little did he know Vasanta is a squirter, and she bucks and shakes wildly as he brings her to her first climax and she screams loudly, “OH SHIT, ALEX, I AM GOING TO CUM SO FUCKING HARD ALL OVER YOUR MOUTH, BABY!”
after she screamed that she lets loose a gush of warm pussy juice, which lands all over Alex’s face he is stunned as he has never experienced a squirter before.
“Wow Vasanta you can squirt?”
“Yes, but usually this does not happen, with someone else. Wow, you are the first guy to ever make me do that, now please fuck me!” pleaded Vasanta.
“Mmmm, let me get a condom, baby and wait patiently/. I want you to start by riding me, I want to see if your company was right, they said you were the best girl, But I only wanted you because you looked unique being half Lebanese and British!” said Alex as he now knew her full heritage by her sexy British accent.
“Yes please be quick though!” said Vasanta as she continues to rub her pussy clockwise around him with her fingers.
“oh that is sexy!” he said as he comes back with a condom.
she grabs it and puts it on him herself, “Wow, Vasanta you really love sex don’t you?” asked Alex
“Yes and I am not getting impatient!” yelled Vasanta as she sinks down into his large shaft.

She begins to ride him gently at first facing him looking at him with her eyes, “Mmmm this cock feels so good inside my tight pussy!”
“Wow you really talk dirty in bed, I love it Vasanta, my dirty, Nasty Little fuck toy!” smiled Alex loving every second of this purchase.
“Mmmm let me know when you want to change positions I am going to just ride you like this for a bit!” said Vasanta
Alex spanks her on her right ass-cheek to make her go faster.
“Mmmm, spank me again on the other cheek, make me ride you!” yelled Vasanta.
Vasanta needs no second invitation to show him how good in bed she can be. She rides him so well in a full clockwise motion rotating those hips ever so perfectly.
“My god they were not lying! I have never had a girl fuck me like this before!” said Alex, making her even more horny knowing she is his best lay he as had.
“Mmmm, Baby you make me feel so fucking good, I am dripping all over your sexy cock!” screamed Vasanta in pleasure.
“Vasanta what is your favourite position to get fucked in?” asked Alex while Vasanta fucks him with perfection on top of him.
“Doggy Style with having my hair pulled and being spanked!” replied Vasanta while trying to catch her breath from the intense riding.
“Okay saving this position for last then!” answered Alex.
He pushes Vasanta off of him as he was getting close to cumming as she was too good. Next, Alex pushes her on her side and slides back inside of her from behind.

They begin to spoon as Alex grabs hold of Vasanta’s lovely double D breasts as he sucks on her neck as he pounds her deeply, “Mmmm, BABY, this my second favourite position and love the way you fuck me!” she screamed.
“I love spooning like this it allows me to be close to the person!” explained Alex as he thrusts very hard now.
“Mmmm I love it hard inside my pussy!” explained Vasanta.
As soon as Alex hears this he really starts hammering her pussy from behind the sound of his cock hitting balls deep inside of her makes her scream in pleasure and a little bit of pain, but a good type of pain as she already came so she was a bit sensitive on the clitoris.
“Yes Alex, Fuck that tight, wet pussy!
“Mmmm time for doggy, baby!” explained Alex.
“Oh, I cannot wait any longer for that… I am going to cum again and probably quick baby! Also, where would you like to cum?” asked Vasanta extremely excited and aroused again. declared Vasanta.
“I want you to taste my hot cum tonight!” demanded Alex
“Well it is your lucky night I love to swallow like a slut!” said Vasanta
“no you are not a slut just my sexy little whore baby!” replied Alex.

Alex pulls her by her hair and says “get on all fours bitch!”
This is how she is used to being treated by her clients and simply she just licks her lips as she waits for him to shove his hard, dick back inside of her tight, wet, naughty cavern.
“MMMM! Now make me fucking cum all over that hard cock, you fucking, hot, handsome, stud!” screamed Vasanta naughtily and aggressively
“Oh my you are a dirty little thing once you get fucked good and I fucking love you for it!” replied Alex
He rams her harder than ever from behind forcing her to scream as he yanks her hair back reminding her she is his whore for five more minutes as it is almost two AM in the morning.
“Oh baby I am going cum again all over that big cock of yours!” screamed Vasanta as she builds to her second orgasm of the night. She begins to shudder, her body temperature is now at an all-time high. She is sweating profusely from her body and her hair is soaking wet, ” a couple more thrusts sweetie, JUST A LITTLE MORE… OH, MY GOD, I AM CUMMING!” yelled Vasanta in ecstasy her eyes roll back as she cums wildly, this time she does not squirt but gives him a creamy white type of orgasm.
Vasanta quickly turns around and pushing her mouth over his cock as he starts squirting his white, hot liquid deep into the back of her throat, she starts swallowing so she does not choke as he cum for least 30 seconds or more. He shoots at least five to 6 lots of loads inside of her warm and precious little mouth; she swallows every last drop of him, “Mmmm Vasanta oh my god I came so fucking much!”
“Yes, Alex, Wow, I would be pregnant if you came inside of me without a condom, but I swallowed every last drop of you, look!” said Vasanta as she shows him it all gone, she licks his cock clean as well as she smiles devilishly and licks her lips

“Wow, Vasanta can I book you again next year when my wife goes on holiday?”
“Oh, Alex, I would love nothing more than be your escort you are the best client I have had so far. Although, sorry to tell you, but your time is up though and I have to go home now!”
She puts her dress back on as Alex watches her she gives him a final kiss on the lips goodnight, “Good night, Vasanta, and thank you, you were worth every penny!” said Alex.
“Goodnight, Alex, I am so glad!” she then exits his house and returns to her car and thinks to herself, ‘wow he was a great fuck, I have his details but wouldn’t want to break up his marriage so I will let him professionally book me and I hope it is soon!’
She then drives home and gets a good night sleep and prepares for her latest adventures, whereas back in the house she just visited, Alex had already fallen asleep on his sofa as Vasanta really did tire him out.

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