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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

If I do Publish a story; it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section, or you will need to buy the story on Amazon. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of my novels!

I honestly hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

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After a Stressful Day At Work! (Over 18 + Only!)
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It is around one o’clock in the afternoon in Jacksonville, Florida. A man in casual clothes; a Ralph Lauren t-shirt and a blue pair of Calvin Klein jeans, he also has some white socks on. The man also has short black hair and is six foot and two inches tall in height with a skinny toned body; he has brown eyes as well.
He is sitting in the living room is decorated really nicely and it has wallpaper and carpet with pretty red roses and flowers on it. This is obviously not his house or shared house as it is unusual for a guy to have such girly decorations, the sofa is nice as well; must have cost a bit of money, it is large and soft and coloured white.

Suddenly a red Ford Puma pulls into the driveway and you can hear the garage doors open as the car is then parked inside the garage. A fine young lady, aged 26 steps out of the car and lets herself out of the garage and walks up to the door. She is wearing a business suit jacket which is black with stripes; underneath of that, she is wearing a sexy white blouse and black short mini skirt with no tights. She hates to wear them as they hide her lovely long legs as she is five foot and eight inches tall. She has an amazing toned body that every guy desires to have, but unfortunately, only one guy gets to have her. Her hair is simply amazing as well; it is so shiny and a silky black colour, it is straight and long and it drapes all the way down to her mid-back. She has black high heels on to match her skirt and suit. She is a financial controller for the Jacksonville Florida branch, her suit is a designer suit bought from Juicy Couture. She is carrying a designer handbag as well which costs around $200. She is a very successful young woman a lot of women are jealous of her, due to her looks and success; she then inserts the key and opens it and lets herself into her house.

She closes the door and heads straight to the living room and puts her bag down on the floor next to the other chairs, which are the same design as the sofa.
“Hey, baby. How was work?” asked the guy who then gently embraces her and kisses her deeply on the lips. The woman then kisses him back on his lips with hers and then gently smiles afterwards and tells him.
“My day was great Andy, how was yours?”
“Good as well, Karna, I got all my studying done and was chilling out watching TV waiting for the love of my life to come home,”
Karna melts as she hears those kind words from her fiancé, Andy then pulls away from Karna and smiles and looks closely in her exotic eyes. It really does show that she is not American but an exotic mix of English and Pakistan. Her eyes are so amazing; they are like gemstones, they are coloured hazel. She smiles back and has the most amazing smile as her lips curl into one; she does not even need to have makeup on her lips, just simply magnificent. She also wears make up coloured contact lenses sometimes, but today she chose not to wear any and they are still are the best pair of eyes you will ever see.
Andy speaks to her again, “I was worried about you when you called me earlier today and you seemed to be very stressed out.”
“Yes it was busy day honey, but your voice was most comforting to me and made me happier,” she kisses him again softly to show her affection towards him.

Andy kisses her back gain deeply as he picks her up gently and takes her to the couch. He then sits her down and removes her suit jacket and hangs it up for her nicely and comes back this reveals her exposed arms as she is now in her blouse. He stands behind her and starts to slowly massage both of her wonderful, but stressed out shoulders gently, it eases her tension from her day’s work. Karna smiles and loves the way his hands rub both her shoulders, she looks so peaceful as well letting him take her stress away.
Andy kisses the top of her head as he continues and massages into her shoulders, he pushes his hands deeper. “Mm Andy that feels so nice and I needed this,” “As I mentioned earlier; my studies are done for today, you are my only priority tonight.”
“Awww, thank you that is so sweet,” she smiles some more after hearing that and her eyes glisten, looking at her love even more.

He bends down and kisses the back of Karna’s neck gently; he is still massaging her shoulders deeply. “Your eyes are so beautiful, Karna, even after we have been together for so long; they can still make me weak at the knees.”
Karna sighs as her neck is kissed and enjoys it very much from the love of her life; after he hears her sigh and knows she is getting warmed up.
He kisses her neck again gently and sucks it lightly, “Mm, Baby,” she moans as his hands go down on her shoulders to both of her sides. Next, He rubs up and down both of her sides and then over her stomach which is covered right now.
“Mm, baby, that feels so lovely,” she moans as his lips press against the left side of her neck, he sits down next to her at this point.

Karna then turns to face him and she slides her tongue into his mouth and begins to kiss him deeper.
She starts to explore his mouth ever so gently as her tongue entangles over his, they French kiss and make out. Karna moves her hands to the back of his head while they are kissing each other. She also uses her long pink painted nails to caress the back of his head.
As Karna does that and they continue to make out, Andy brings one hand to Karna’s head and strokes her hair lightly. He then moves his free hand and rubs down Karna’s sexy body and rests the hand gently on her thigh.

“Mm,” Karna lets out a deep sigh as Andy touches her right thigh with the hand resting on it; it is the closest to the end of the coach and Andy is sitting in the middle of it.

He breaks the kiss and goes to the middle of her shoulder and kisses it gently before he sucks it into his mouth hard, but bites it gently, “Mm, baby!”
Karna’s hands run over Andy’s back now, over his t-shirt and back up his body to his neck.
Andy now stops sucking on her beautiful shoulder and pulls back seeing the mark that he left on her. He smiles before kissing her exposed neck deeply sucking on it very gently.
Karna slowly lifts Andy’s shirt up over his head so that she can run her hands over his exposed body as he sucks on her neck gently.
He feels her soft hands rubbing over his body and he moans gently into her neck, “Mm, Karna.”
Andy’s hand keeps on stroking her hair as his other hand comes up and reaches for her soft 36 D sized breasts over her blouse.
“Mm, baby,” she moaned gently, as he touched her breasts over her white blouse top. Both of Karna’s hands rub over his neck and then she crosses both of her exposed arms over each other; she locks them around his neck and just holds him lovingly.
Andy massages her lovely huge breasts with more firmness, as he keeps on sucking and kissing her neck gently and teasing it with his tongue.
“MMMM baby that feels so good,” she leaves her arms around his neck holding him still.

Andy breaks away from Karna’s neck and kneels beside his love as he smiles at her and stares into her beautiful eyes. He picks her up off the couch and lays down on it himself placing Karna on top of him.
She lies down on top of him and gently kisses the top of his head; she then starts to lick the side of his neck and kisses it and next she works down the left side of his neck.
Andy moans softly, “Mm, Karna,” as he feels her ever so softly, as she gently places her lips on his neck. He reaches across her back and gently massages it with one hand as he stroke her hair and twirls it in and around his fingers with the other hand.
Karna now slowly kisses down his collarbone on his chest and back up to the right side of his neck finishing with a kiss directly on his lips gently. Next Karna kneels up and takes off her white blouse revealing herself in a black and pink coloured bra; her bra pushes her lovely tits together and holds them in place perfectly. It really does show how big of a bust she really has; she smiles and licks her lips seductively at her lover. This teases him even more as most of her body is exposed in front of him, she now perches herself on top of him by kneeling over his lap.

Andy does nothing at all but takes the time to take in her sexy and curvy body with his brown eyes. After seeing Karna’s large breasts held by her bra; even though he has seen them man times before, Karna’s seductive look is too much for any man to take. However he keeps on massaging Karna’s back softly shortly after and then he teases her bra straps, his cock is now extremely hard in between her legs.
Karna feels it as she lays back down on top of him and grinds her hips into him teasingly, she then kisses his lips for a little bit. “Mm, Sugarpuff,” moaned Andy, Sugarpuff being Karna’s cute pet-name that he likes to call her. He does that moaning into her lips as he feels her grinding on top of him. He then kisses her more gently, but parting her soft, luscious lips with his tongue, searching for her sexy tongue.

Andy then takes closes his eyes as they make out again and he reaches down for her petit ass over the top of her Black, short, work-skirt. He then moves his hands underneath massages it under her skirt, he does this gently with his right hand. He now Spanks it gently underneath the skirt, as she is wearing a black and pink thong that is hidden, you can hear the slap against her bare left ass-cheek. He then caresses her face with his left hand that is free.
“Mm, Andy,” she moans as he caresses and spanks her ass some more, she lays back on top of him and kisses the other side of his neck while her face is being gently caressed.
“Mm, Karna, I can never get too much of you; you are too perfect and I do not know what I would do if I ever lost you.” He whispered gently to her as he keeps caressing Karna’s soft, black, shiny and silky hair. He continues to caress her ass gently, feeling her soft ass through her black work=skirt.
“I love the way you caress my hair,” she whispers into his ear on the same side that she was kissing his neck.
“I love the way your hair feels in between my fingers Karna,” He then moves Karna’s seductive lips from his neck and kisses them deeper instead, as he spanks her harder.
Karna screams gently and playfully, “MM BABY!” As he smacks her ass below her Ma’at, the Goddess of Protection tattoo that is partially hidden by her work-skirt.
Andy brings his hands up to her bra straps and starts to undo her bra. He looks up at you into her beautiful hazel eyes once more and smiles upon her.
Karna’s busty 36 D breasts start to pop out as the bra is being lower and unclipped slowly. Although she has them pressed against his chest and hidden from view, as she kisses her true love on his lips again.
Andy returns the kiss deeply as he finishes unhooking her bra. He finally manages to get it unclipped has the clips on her shoulders were already down from earlier, the bra simply falls as quiet as a feather onto the sofa. He then lifts her up gently so that he can finally see her wonderfully revealed breasts revealing her perky nipples that are rock solid from all the foreplay.

Karna then lies down on her back and on top of Andy. But she then slithers down like a viper beside him and lays on her chest hiding her magnificent Breasts again. She down shows her fully exposed back, as he massages the back of her neck gently. Andy will not be denied any longer, he picks her up with his free hand as he sits up placing her top of him and she kneels on him her breasts fully exposed again.
Karna looks into his eyes with her as her breasts are exposed to him again for the second time since she got home from work.
Andy looks deeper into her eyes again as he brings one hand to her large breasts and starts to feel their softness in between his fingers.
“Mm, baby,” moaned Karna as she smiles gently as Andy cups her right lovely breast, she begins to kiss him once again.
Andy massages the right breast harder as he kisses her back deeply. Andy’s other hand is on the back of Karna’s head massaging it.
“Mm, baby, you spoil me like a princess, you make me so happy; you know how much I love head massages.”

She then runs her soft hands down his back again; she scratches his back with her long pink painted nails.
Andy moans into Karna’s lips as he feels her nails scratching at his back, it turns him on even more. His cock throbs in his Jeans and boxer shorts that are hidden underneath as Karna kneels on top of him.
Karna leans back as Andy holds her back allowing him to take her breasts into her lover’s mouth.
He bends down and takes her left breast first into his mouth; he sucks on it gently twirling his tongue around her hard nipple.
“Mm, baby,” she moans out as she runs her long pink nails once again over his head.
Andy sucks on her left nipple harder and moans into it as he can feel Karna’s amazing nails running through his hair and digging into his scalp, ”mm, Karna!”

Karna moans again, “Oh, Andy,” as he continues to suck and flick his tongue all over both of her hard nipples. Both of them are now totally erect as she feels her pussy getting wetter and moister inside of her remaining clothes. Also, her body temperature rises as well slightly, as she gets more aroused every second by her amazing lover.

He can feel Karna’s body temperature rise and he now knows that her pussy is wet. Andy then stands up with the love of his life still in his arms and he then puts her down as he stands behind her. He undoes the short black work-skirt on the side and it easily falls off onto the floor. He then sees Karna standing just in her lovely pair of black and white knickers in the shape of a thong.
“Wow, Karna this sight never gets old, you are too beautiful,” Andy then grabs her by the ass and then grabs the side of her knickers and he slowly and sexily slides them down, she smiles as he pulls them down. They finally reach her ankles and she steps right out of them. She is now totally naked; you can see her pussy glisten from the sunshine’s rays shining in through the window through the curtain. Karna never draws the main curtains as it turns her on knowing people could possibly see her getting made love to so perfectly by her fiancée.

Andy is still stood behind her, you can now see her sexy Ma’at tattoo just above her ass carved into her tailbone. He kneels down behind her and starts to kiss her tattoo and lick it as well, “Mm Baby!”
Moaned Karna; as she responds to being licked and kissed on her tailbone, she loves it very much. He now kisses her soft ass, licking all over it; he reaches in front of her holding onto her curvy hips pulling her towards him.
“Mm, honey, it feels amazing!”
He sucks on her ass cheeks gently, biting into them slightly, “oh my god baby, mm!”
Andy smiles into both of her ass cheeks; he kisses both of her cheeks again as he stands up. Now standing behind her he holds her close to him; he leans down kissing her shoulder as he brings a hand to each breast and cups them in his hands while massaging them again.
“Mm, baby,” she moans, as Andy is still standing behind her caressing both of her lovely breasts with his hands gently. Andy takes one hand off of her breasts and massages down to her stomach and all the way between her legs. He feels the immense amount of warmth coming from her moist pussy, he starts to then massage her perfect clitoris that is out of view for now. She starts to moan loudly, “Mm, Andy!”
As soon as Andy touches her tiny clitoris over and over, making her even wetter and moister inside of her deep, dark and damp cavern.
Andy presses down gently on her back and kneels down behind her; he moves in between her legs from behind and kisses her soaking wet pussy.
“MMMM baby,” she moans once more and then lay’s back on the coach allowing Andy to get on top and lay in front of her and in between her legs. Finally, her fully shaved and perfect pussy is on display for him to see. It glistens with wetness and it invites him to enter her love tunnel.
He needs no second invitation to such an inviting pussy. He then lay’s in front of her and gently starts to suck on her clitoris as he reaches up for her breasts and start to massage them again.
“Mm,” moaned Karna again as she presses Andy’s head deeper into her pussy, so he is closer towards her inner labia.
He moans into her pussy vibrating it as he sticks his tongue out further, finally penetrating inside of Karna’s pussy.

“Oh, that just feels simply amazing, baby” as she runs both of her hands down the sides of her fiancée’s face. She then moves down over his blue jeans and spanks his ass hard, it makes him lick her even more, “Mm Andy!”
Andy pushes his tongue into her deeper as she spanks him; it turns him on even more. He takes in her strawberry perfume and scent of her pussy as it intoxicates him, clearing his mind of everything but his lover, Karna.
Karna then lays her arms and hands above her head and she squirms on the couch as it makes her breasts stick out some more with her erect nipples.
“You making me so wet baby!” she pauses then suddenly screams, “MMMMM ANDY!
He hears her getting turned on as he rapidly starts moving his head slightly back and forth, fucking her pussy with his tongue.
She screams again, “MMM, ANDY, Andy you lick me so fucking good!”
As he hears her screaming out, he starts to lick her from the bottom of her pussy, all the way to the top of her clitoris, he stops there to suck on it gently, “Mm, Andy!” Karna arches her back and her body begins to shake and tremble in pleasure as her lover holds her down.
As he is holding her down, he keeps licking her full pussy and sucking on her gorgeous clitoris so she is not moving a lot.
Karna screams loudly, “YES, YES, YES,” As she starts to cum all over Andy’s face, she squirts a little bit as well, his face is now covered in Karna’s beautiful love juice which gives off the sexiest scented aroma possible to man.
He feels the juice squirt onto his face and he pulls away a little as he slides a finger into his love of his wife’s wet pussy getting it even more soaking wet, “Mm, Karna you taste so fucking good!”
Next Andy begins to lick Karna’s love-juice from his own face and then he kisses Karna, letting her taste it off his tongue.
“Mm,” moaned Karna, as she tasted herself from Andy’s tongue.

Andy then pulls his finger out Karna’s wet, hot pussy and puts the finger in front of her seductive lips making her want to taste herself more.
Karna without hesitation quickly grabs hold of his finger aggressively with her mouth and sucks on it hard, “MMM!”
After I suck on your fingers I suddenly push you hard onto your back onto the sofa. Andy looks startled as Karna is not always like but absolutely loves it when she does do it. She crawls sexily on her hands and knees slowly towards him, looking at him with lust and love in her eyes, what a combination to look at. Karna eventually lay’s straight down in between Andy’s legs. She then aggressively takes off his blue jeans and his mountain dew boxer shorts, they are coloured green.

She takes a deep breath as is hard throbbing cock is finally revealed to, Karna, since she came home from work.

Next Karna takes her tongue and licks it with one long stroke from flat of her tongue all the way up his shaft. She then licks all over his cock head which now exposed as the foreskin is moved away as she makes him harder than any woman has, or ever will. She kisses it gently and her eyes look up at her true love, giving a seductive look before she continues. She then kisses down the shaft again and sucks on his shaven balls.
He moans deeply as he feels his balls in her warm mouth, “MM, Karna!”
He reaches down to her head and starts to run his fingers through her hair as he looks down at Karna as she is sucking on his balls still.
Karna licks all over Andy’s balls and starts to grab his cock gently with her right hand and moves it up and down while she is licking them at the same time. Andy continues to play with the silky, shiny black hair of Karna. He then holds it with both of his hands to keep it out of her pretty hazel eyes.
His back arches up slightly as he feels her soft hands stroking his hard shaft. His balls are still in her mouth, he feels her tongue wrapping around them and it gives him so much pleasure. He keeps on looking down at her, waiting for her to pleasure him even more.
Karna then kisses up his long eight-inch shaft and licks up it again as well; she swaps over her hands and her mouth duties on his big, large cock. Her mouth then finally takes his cock into it, she wraps her lips gently around it at first, but only his cock-head is in her mouth right now. Karna’s hands squeeze very carefully on his balls and play with them in her right hand, “MMM, FUCK YES, MMM KARNA!”
He screams louder and deeper as he sees the head of his own cock disappear into her mouth. He feels her soft hands playing with his now wet balls that were made wet earlier by her sucking. His cock stiffens even more as Karna tightens her lips around it, but she first spits gently over it and watches her own saliva run down the head. As she takes him deeper and deeper, almost every inch of his eight-inch cock is now inside of her mouth. Karna does not like to deep throat; Andy respects her wishes and does not try to force her while he still holding her head and silky hair.
Karna does not stop there she uses her hands at the same time, still playing excitedly with his balls with the right hand as she uses her left hand to play with her own clitoris.

He keeps watching as his cock slowly disappears into her mouth and it almost goes in fully. Andy moans loudly, “MMMM KARNA!”
He feels the tightness of Karna’s throat and he knows she is excited playing with her own clitoris. He cannot help but throw his own head back with all the pleasure she is giving him.
She rubs her own clitoris some more, which excites her, even more, it is still swollen from when he made her orgasm earlier. Karna then moves her mouth up and down fast, but every now and again she will suck on his balls and stroke him, then she will suck him again deeply!
“Mm, Andy, you taste lovely,” she moaned as she tastes the pre-cum from his dick.
Andy moans even deeper as he looks back down at his love sucking on his cock so well, “Fuck, Karna you are amazing!” he screamed.
I do not care if the neighbours hear us or not anymore, his cock starts to stiffen further and his balls are tensing up.
She continues to suck on him even faster, her lips are ever so tight, they perfect for sucking cock. They now are wrapped tightly around his massive long shaft. She feels her it throbs slightly and that tells her, that he is really close. She stops suddenly and then spits again over his cock and rubs it into getting him and lubes him up, ready for her pleasure cove. Andy pulls Karna away from his cock and lays her down on her back gently, as he gets on top of her. He spits gently on her pussy and rubs it in before crawling further up on her and kissing her deeply.
Karna lays back getting ready for her man to make hot steamy, passionate love to her.
He grabs his cock in one hand and lead sit to her soaking wet pussy; he rubs the head of his cock on her swollen clit, “MMMM BABY, Take me now, I cannot wait any longer, I need your cock inside me right now!”
After Karna screams those words from her lovely English accented voice he moves his cock down and slides the head inside of Karna’s tight pussy.

“Mmmm baby,” she cuddles him as soon as he had pushed the head inside of her very aroused and moist pussy. He holds her close to him as he slides in deeper and deeper inside of her until her pussy is holding the full length of his throbbing cock inside of her. Karna wraps her legs around his ass they cross over around his bum and her arms crossed over the same way around his neck. Karna moans as Andy starts to make love to her, “Mm, Andy!”
He starts pumping his cock slowly, pulling it out all the way to the head, before he pushes it back into her. He kisses her deeply as he makes love to her, being turned on feeling her lovely long legs wrapped around him.

“MM, BABY; FUCK MY PUSSY,” She screams at him as she then releases her arms and hands and places them above my head.
He starts fucking her hard as he cannot stop himself after hearing Karna tell him to. He picks himself up a little and sees your breasts bouncing up and down as he pushes into her hard and deep.
“MMMMMM, FUCK YES, FUCK ME BABY!” screamed Karna in pure pleasure.
He feels her pussy holding onto his dick as she tightens the grip on it using her pussy muscles. It feels like it never wants to let him go, Andy moans deeply as he keeps fucking her hard.
“Oh god yes, Andy, your cock feels so good inside me; you make me so fucking horny!
He kisses her deeply as he pulls his cock out. He rolls Karna on her side and gets behind her; He quickly slides his cock deeply, inside of her again. He then starts fucking her harder than before as he holds her close to him with one arm. He spanks her ass hard and grips it tightly with his free hand.
“OH FUCK YES; MMMMM, Baby,” screamed Karna playfully as she lay’s on her side as he continues to drill her in and out harder and faster.
He keeps on drilling his cock hard, deep and fast inside you of her, their bodies slapping together every time he pushes into her hard. He reaches around and starts to massage her large breasts; he rolls his fingers playfully over nipples. Karna loves this very much, but she then gives further instructions, “MMMM RUB MY CLIT, BABY!”

He needs no second instructions; he lowers his free hand down to her swollen clit and starts rubbing it as he fucks her even harder and faster.
He keeps his cock inside of her as he feels her pulse around him. She cums on his hard cock wrapping her pussy walls even tighter around his cock that is deep inside her; he kisses the back of her neck while she is cumming.
She shakes and trembles again in his arms on her side, his cock is drenched again with her warm, hot and wet love juice.
He pulls out of her and picks her up; he is now lying down on his back. Andy’s cock glistens with Karna’s love juice in the light.
She kneels down on him and faces him so he can look into her eyes and watch her huge 36D breasts bounce up and down on him. She sinks down on his wet shaft as he places it straight back into her wet pussy.
Andy moans softly as he feels Karna sink back onto her cock, as her pussy swallows his entire cock. He reaches up to her face and caresses it and her hair.
She starts to jump and down as she leans straight up and rides him hard as she can, she is really fucking him hard as she jumps up and down, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. ANDY”

He looks up into her eyes, “Fuck me Karna!” he reaches up and starts to massage her breasts. She rides him harder this time, full-motion riding not just up and down but riding him in a 360 degrees motion.
Andy spanks her on her ass hard, as he thrusts up in time with her. He then sits up so that he can suck on her breasts. He brings her left breast into his mouth and sucks on it hard, twirling his tongue around her stiff nipples.
She leans back and he bounces her up and down with his hands while sucking on her breast. Karna then rubs her own clit with one hand and she screams again her true love’s name, “MMMMM ANDY!”
He moans into her breasts still sucking on them while he bounces her up and down with his hands. Her pussy is really tight on top of his cock as he feels it start to stiffen. Andy’s balls are tensing up but he does not want to cum yet, not until he has given it to Karna in her favourite position.
Karna knows what he wants to do and gets on her elbows and knees and kneels on the coach and wiggles her ass to tease him even more.
He spanks her butt hard as he gets behind her and rubs her clit with the head of my cock.
“MMMMM FUCK YEAH,” she holds onto the coach tightly with her hands waiting for him to begin to fuck her hard again. This is just how she likes it in that position.
He senses she is ready to be fucked hard in her favourite position; he slides his cock deep inside of her warm and wet pussy.
“THAT’S IT, BABY, FUCK ME!!!!!” She screams.
He needs no second invitation to fuck such a wonderful pussy. He starts fucking her even harder than any position on this lovemaking session; he spanks her on her ass on both sides butt cheeks very hard it turns red. Karna’s ass is bouncing every time he pushes into her hard and deep.
“MMMMM,” she holds onto the sofa even tighter as she screams for him to cum inside of her as deep as you can, “NOW CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY, ANDY!”
“Not yet, Karna,” he now places both hands underneath her and brings her closer to him as he holds her large breasts in his hands. Andy’s body is right up next to Karna’s fucking her hard and deep.
She moans even more as he holds onto her breasts and she loves the feeling of him being on top of her back. She feels his cock throb inside of her pussy as it tightens the grip around him.
He takes one hand off of her breasts and brings it down to her clitoris; he starts to rub it as he keeps pounding away inside of her pussy.
“GOD I LOVE BEING FUCKED LIKE THIS, IT IS THE BEST FEELING EVER!” she screams as she begins to orgasm for the third time. My body shakes again wildly “MMMMMMMMMMMM, I AM CUMMING AGAIN BABY” she screams and at the same time, Andy screams back, “SO AM I, KARNA, I AM CUMMING TOO.”
He keeps pounding away at her as he feels his balls tense up again. His cock hardens as he pushes as deep as he can inside of her and he explodes with a huge load of white, hot, thick sticky liquid deep inside of her pussy.

“MMMMMMM, MY GOD MY PUSSY FEELS SO HOT INSIDE OF ME; MAKE ME A MOTHER!” she screams again. As he still is cumming inside of her, it is extremely deep and it splashes against her pussy walls and then rests deep inside of her. She does not try to push any of the cum out of her, as she needs it as deep as possible so it can fertilize one of her eggs and attach it to her Uterus wall, as they are trying for their first baby.
Andy knows this as he stays inside of her as the last of his cum oozes out of the tip of his cock. As it does, Andy finally pulls out and lays down on his back pulling Karna to him. She now lays her head on his chest.
“That was amazing Andy, that is one of the reasons I am going to marry you and wanting a family with you!”
He simply holds her close to him. “When that day comes Karna; you will be making me the luckiest and happiest man alive. I love you so much; hopefully you finally get pregnant as we been trying for 2 months now!”

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