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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

If I do Publish a story; it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section, or you will need to buy the story on Amazon. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of my novels!

I honestly hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

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A Perfect End to the Day! (Short Erotica Story) Over 18 Only!!!
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A man and a woman both come home after going out to dinner; the woman looks so stunning, she is wearing a magnificent long black dress. She has beautiful long earrings on and a necklace that reads her own name Vasanta. She is of a mixed heritage of both English and Indian, looking to be from Pakistan, giving her the most exotic look to man as ever seen; this guy is most blessed indeed to be dating her. She also has nice black heels on, but no tights, as she barely wears them as she likes to show off her long legs and beautiful curvy body, she has a lovely bust which is 36D. Her eyes are like gemstones, they are just perfect and, which you will ever see. Vasanta, also has silky black hair, and it is styled straight and looks so silky and shiny; she is truly a goddess that every man wants. She is also five foot eight in height.
The man is wearing a black suit and a black bow tie; also he is wearing a white shirt as well and black shoes which were polished to perfection. He has brown eyes with black coloured hair, it is cut short. He is not wearing any jewellery but he is a toned build; he stands at 6 foot two and is slightly taller than the lovely Vasanta the woman he took out dinner.

“Thank you, Andy, for a wonderful Evening; you truly are the best boyfriend I have ever had!”
“You are most welcome Vasanta; it is my job to treat you like a princess as you truly are a goddess.”
Andy walks Vasanta now inside by her sweet little hand; he was holding her right hand he closes the door behind them as they enter the hallway. Some stairs can be seen leading up a room dead head which is the kitchen and a room to the right which appears to be the large living room. Next, they both take off their shoes and place them in an archway under the stairs.
Andy leads Vasanta into the living room; he turns on the light so they can see. They then sit on the sofa next to each other and Vasanta looks deeply into Andy’s Eyes with her gemstone eyes and they say nothing, her lips curve into a smile and she places both her hands around his neck. They sit staring at each other for a while, the pink curtains are already drawn and this is Vasanta’s house. She has wonderful decorations and flowery wallpaper all around her house. Andy gently leans over and presses his lips against Vasanta’s lips; she closes her hazel eyes and lets him plant a nice sweet wet kiss on her lips. She then runs her nails through his hair as they begin to start to kiss each other, Vasanta slips her tongue into his mouth and they play tonsil hockey with each other.
“Mm, Vasanta you have some amazing nails,” moaned Andy, as he can feel her nails pressing into his scalp when they took a break from kissing.
Vasanta pulls away to take off her jewellery and store it in the jewellery box that she keeps on her living room table which is made out of brown hardwood. The box is metal and small, the necklace and earrings fit perfectly.

She leans back to kiss him as she becomes more passionate towards him. Andy places his hands in her hair and plays with it as she slowly gets on top of him and kneels in the mounted position.
“Andy I want you so much in my life, you have finally earned the right to have me tonight” she explained as she whispers gently into his ear after kissing again, she licks it teasingly.
“Mm, Vasanta!” moaned Andy.
She smiles as he plays with her black silky hair and she slowly removes his Bowtie, “You do not need this anymore!”
She then goes to his neck and begins to kiss it slowly, on the left side, Andy’s hands then wander down Vasanta’s amazing back.
“Mm, Andy!”
He lowers her dress as well slightly off of her shoulders so he has more access to them and her beautiful neck; he begins to kiss her shoulders, starting with the left one.
“Mm, baby” she moaned, as this makes her suck on his neck; “Mm Vasanta you make me so hard baby!”
She smiles and teasingly and looks at him, she unbuttons the top button of his white shirt so she can get to his throat and she gives him a love-bite staking her claim on him tonight. This was for the wonderful dates he had given to her over the past two weeks, both not wanting to rush anything due to their past experiences.

“Vasanta, mmm, you know you are an insanely good lover and know how to please a man.”
This just encourages her to French kiss his neck, even more, he cannot take anymore and turns Vasanta around and starts to kiss the back and left the side of her neck.
“MMMMM BABY!” she moans out loudly as Andy hits her weak spot.
He lowers her dress and to his shock; she is not wearing a Bra and her lovely Busty, curvy thirty-six D breasts pop out.
He takes both of them in his hands her nipples are a beautiful pink colour and are as hard as a rock, she is really turned on.
“OH you have the most amazing beasts and you knew I would have you tonight so you purposely wore no Bra?” he asked excitedly.
“No darling, I never wear a Bra with a long dress it ruins it.” She smirked and then moans, “Please baby do not stop Kissing my neck!”
Andy needs no second advice and quickly nibbles on her neck and gives her love bite also, she bites her lip seductively and smiles and moans again his name.
“Mm, Andy!”
Andy caresses her perfect breasts and teases her pink nipples and this makes her moan louder, he keeps kissing her neck.
Vasanta’s body temperature begins to rise as she is getting more and more turned on by her lover’s actions.

“Please take my dress off I am getting really hot!” she said as she stands up behind him.
Andy slowly takes her dress off and he sees her in her black laced-knickers, which barely cover any Vasanta’s body, as it is a Thong.”
He gulps as he looks at his new found love; Vasanta, oh my god you have the most amazing body, that ass is just to die for!”
She smiles before sitting back down and this time faces him so that he can suck on her wonderfully large breasts; she slowly unbuttons his shirt fully to reveal his amazing toned chest and body.
Andy licks and teases her nipples starting with the right one, now by licking it; this makes her moan but also forces her to kiss down his body using the tongue.
“Oh, Andy!” moaned Vasanta.
He is forced to stop licking her so he moves his hands back to her hair and plays with it, as she removes his thick leather belt and unbuttons his trousers and she can see his huge bulge as well as she is up close and personal with it.
‘Wow he has a really big cock!!’ she thought to herself as she continues to undo and slide off his trousers, he is wearing dark navy blue boxer shorts, she grabs a handful of his crown jewels.
“Oh yes, Vasanta, Mm!”
She then goes up to kiss him, as she takes off his boxer shorts exposing his large eight-inch Penis.
“Wow baby you are big, I have never had someone this big before!” said a most pleased and excited Vasanta.
She begins to stroke him up and down as they kiss, she is torturing Andy with pure pleasure.

She then kisses her way down as he plays again with her hair she kisses and then licks the head of his cock which is exposed.
“Mmm, VASANTA; I never knew you were this aggressive and forward, I thought you would make me strip you and take charge!” he screams.
She licks all the way down his base and up again making the shaft wet, pre-cum can be seen from the head, she quickly sucks it in as she loves to taste her man.
“Baby you taste wonderful!” she said peering up with the sexist look known to man; she then goes back to sucking him. She takes the head back in slowly and does not apply any pressure at all and then suddenly her perfect lips wrap around him.
“Mm, VASANTA; oh my god baby that feels so good!”
He grabs two handfuls of her lovely hair but gently not wanting to hurt her and plays with it keeping it out of her eyes.
“Mm, suck my cock baby!” he moans again.

She obliges and moves her mouth up and down getting as much as she can in her mouth and then moves fast, giving him the best blowjob he has ever had.
“MY GOD MMMMMMMMM!” he yelled.
She closes those hazel eyes and goes to work on him, but she stops suddenly to play with his balls with her small right hand and left hand. He is fully shaven so she moves her head down to suck, lick and pull on them.
She loves every inch of his hard cock and balls, Vasanta just cannot get enough right now, her pussy is getting wetter every second; she wants him and wants him now!

She stops and spits her saliva gently over him, lubing him up for the main course later tonight.
Andy grabs her by the hips and slides down her black laced-knickers, they come off quickly and he picks her up. Vasanta has the perfect pussy it is fully shaven not a single hair on it and it dripping wet with her sweet nectar. Her aroma feels the living room, Andy sniffs it and cannot wait to taste her finally; the patience finally pays off.
“We are going to bed now Vasanta and there is nothing you can do about it!” he said grinning at her. She simply looks back with love and lust in her eyes wanting him to fuck her tight, sweet and moist pussy.

Andy carries up the stairs which have another beautifully designed carpet, “which room dear?”
“The one on the end, other two are spare and for my future kids.”
He carries her and places her gently down on her bed; he realizes it is a waterbed as well, he knows the job that she has and she is pretty well off but that is not why he fell for her.
He crawls up towards her and gets on top of her he is still fully hard from her expert sucking skills, he plants a deep kiss on her lips and then licks down her body to her waxed pussy.
She bites her lip and gasps as he licks her for the very first time tasting her sweet nectar that is covered on her outer labia lips.
“Mm, you taste as sweet as a strawberry, Vasanta!”
“Mm, baby, lick my pussy and stop talking!”
Andy needs no second invitation to such an inviting pussy, he licks up along her slit which draws a shiver down her spine and body.
“MMMMM!” she moaned.
He then parts her outer lips to expose her tiny clitoris, he sucks on it gently.
“MMMMMM, oh yes do not stop Andy!” screamed Vasanta in pure pleasure. He licks it now fast with his tongue flicking over it and it begins to swell up and Vasanta cannot stop screaming he places his finger for her to suck her own nectar. She suddenly grabs his finger and sucks on it as he continues to lick her Clitoris.
“How do you taste?” he asks, “Sweet and lovely as always!” teasingly she replied; she licks her lips.
“Keep the noise down Vasanta it is late!”
“But you are too damn good, baby!” she smiles after he says that as he parts her lips further to slide the first finger into her tight, wet, hot pussy.
“Mm, BABY!” she screams out again.

He slides it in faster and faster but softly at first before he puts his second finger inside which drives her to ecstasy as he learns that is a perfect fit and what she loves so much.
“Please lick my clit, and finger me at the same time I want to squirt all over that face!” Andy is shocked to hear her talk like that but most delighted to learn his girlfriend is a squirter!
Andy quickly starts to finger fuck her tight pussy and licks her Clitoris over and over and she arches her back screaming he places one hand over her as she is making far too much noise. She suddenly shakes wildly on the bed pushing him away and his fingers out and she lets loose a gush of sweet hot nectar right in his face.
“OH MY GOD, ANDY, I AM CUMMING!” she screamed shaking wildly, her screams are music to Andy’s ears as well as having his face covered in her love-juice. He licks up her juice off of his face and moves up and French kisses Vasanta who then kisses him back as they both taste her wonderful sweet nectar.
“Andy, fuck me now, I just cannot wait any longer for you!” she shouts

Vasanta sucks him again with a few sucks, to get him wet and harder than ever and he places the head to her pussy’s entrance. She gasps and closes her eyes waiting for him to slide it deep inside of her.
“You want this don’t you?” he asked knowing she will scream at him and indeed she does.
“YES, take me now!”
As he hears her charming words from her sexy mouth, he slides his hard, thick cock deep inside of her, she moans out.
“Yes, Andy, that feels so fucking good.”
Her pussy then wraps around as she tightens her grip, he then moves backwards and forwards as he thrusts deep inside of her and they kiss each other as they start to make love for the first time.
“OH my god this is what I have missed for so long!” she yelled.
“Me too, baby it has been while for me too!” he replied.

She wraps her legs around his bum so he cannot escape; not that he ever wants to, she is too amazing to do that.
“Fuck me harder and faster!” He thrusts faster and harder at his loves demands, the sound of both their skins banging against each other the room filling up of the scent of them making love.
After few minutes he gets off of her.
“Baby get into doggy style!” she smiles with delight as it is her favourite position to get fucked in.
“That is my favourite position, Andy!”

She turns over and leans on her elbows and pushing her bum up and he slides his penis back inside of her, “Mmmm, yes!” she moans.
He fucks her harder than before and gently spanks her on the bum, “Oh baby how did you know, I like that?” she asked.
He spanks her again harder and now pulls her hair gently, “I know everything you like, baby. You told me at some of our dates, see I listen, unlike most selfish guys!” he replied.
She feels so good and loves the way he is fucking her, she gasps for her breath as he fucks her harder and harder.
“YES! DO NOT STOP, CUM INSIDE OF ME!” screamed Vasanta
“Do you have protection baby?!” Andy replied.
“Yes I am always on the pill for safety reasons!” replied Vasanta

He continues to ram her but then he stops, “Not yet baby I want to spoon you!” he turns her on her side and goes behind her.
He holds her lovely breasts and kisses her neck as he fucks her just as hard as before.
“I will baby, just be patient I am making you cum again first!”
He sucks on her neck and rubs her tiny Clitoris as he bangs her harder than ever; she begins to shake once again and breathe deeply like earlier.
“BABY, MMMMM; FUCK ME!” she screams.
“Vasanta I am going to cum soon, I am going fill you up!” shouted Andy in reply to her naughty words; deep down he loves how naughty this innocent girl can really be once she gets behind closed doors.
He continues to really pound her pussy, she shakes and bucks once more; she cums all over his hard dick that is deep inside her and he finally yells one last time, “VASANTA!”
He releases his white, steamy, thick liquid deep inside of her pussy; if she had not been on the pill; she would for sure of been pregnant right now as for the amount he shoots inside of her overflows out of her pussy. She gasps for her breathe as he gives Vasanta their after-cum kiss, “Vasanta I love you!” she smiles and simply replies with “I love you too!”
She then falls asleep in his arms as he strokes her hair and kisses her on the cheek goodnight, he falls asleep shortly after!

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