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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

If I do Publish a story; it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section, or you will need to buy the story on Amazon. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of my novels!

I honestly hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

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Legend of The Firestaff – Book 1 – Chapter 22
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Book 1 – Chapter 22 – Dangerous Potions!


“Karna, we may still need to go back through this room, sadly!” said Rheill.
“That is okay… I think I am overcoming my fear of heights slowly. Although I will deal with that room later… let’s explore and find some more food. Since it has been a little, scarcer on this floor compared to the Magenta lair level. We should go south, as we came north to get here. As I think, the northerly direction, will head around to the north-western section of this level, that we are currently on!” replied Karna.

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Legend of The Firestaff – Book 1 – Chapter 21
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Chapter 21 – Karna’s Tenacity!


Sana hands out all the food to Rheill, Isai and Karna; that she prepared earlier. Next, she leaves some of the fruity-meal, at her spot; for her to eat, later.
She then slowly opens up her mouth to speak as Sana, looks at all three of them, while she begins to tell the story of her past.
“As I explained to, Isai! I had learnt not to only channel the power of the four elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Also, I got taught there were two additional and advanced magic properties called light and darkness, which, also counter-act each other out. No one knows how to wield them fully, as you have seen in the dungeon. I have mastered only the magical torch spell that has its unique magical rune, which is the light element. These runes are most different inside of this dungeon. It somehow binds all the spells that used the four elements that I had learnt from Magika getting cast within the dungeon walls!”
She then takes a bite into her food, as Rheill puts his arm around Karna’s shoulder and plays with her silky jet-black hair softly; since they had removed their helmets from their heads to eat earlier.
Sana then explains some more of her story, “My order of sorceress and sorcerers also taught me how to use basic wisdom to solve puzzles. Hence why I am usually the one to solve them without tooting my own horn!” She giggles a little after that sentence; which causes a little bit of emotional fun between the other three members of the party.
“Now for the part that Isai hasn’t heard yet and the reason for me joining this quest. Much like Karna and Rheill the leader of Magika, Syra got a visit from Theron. He explained what was going to happen to the world if Chaos can complete his task, which we all know is to empower the Firestaff. Theron told us that he needed more adventurers from the top level of each profession. I was the most advanced Magic-user in the order, but only second to, Syra.

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Legend of The Firestaff – Book 1 – Chapter 20
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Chapter 20 – Store Rooms


Both Rheill and Karna, remove their metal helmets as they grab their provisions to eat, that Sana had prepared a few minutes ago.
Next, they start to get stuck into their meals, “This, tastes good when combined with the Screamer Slices!”
Now, let me start with my story about my past. Since Rheill shared his, which was quite a shock to hear!”
She pauses before continuing to speak, “When Rheill, was doing those little things to make me smile. It truly got me thinking about my mother, as I felt a tingling feeling close to my heart. She told me that’s how you will know you have found your true partner in life and you are in love!”
“Aww, Karna!” Said Sana as a happy tear runs down her right cheek from her beautiful eye.
“Karna, I feel the same way about you! Although you have more to tell right?”
“Yes, thank you, I lost my mother… when I was only ten years old, and I had also lost my father five years earlier. I do not even know who my father is properly, as he was always taking trips to distant lands!” She pauses again and starts to cry a little as she misses her mother so much.
She, then continues, “The last day, I saw my father was the day my mother told me he had to go to protect the world, by finding a cure to this horrible disease that was spreading over a distant continent. You all know that we live on the continent called Aenas. However, there are lands that, exist beyond the seas. Just it has not been mapped out yet, as you know how destructive, the sea can be with storms and typhoons. The distant land, which my mother said he was constantly visiting was called Eyos, and that he had found rare herbs. He used these herbs to brew special potions that could cure diseases. Although he never returned. So she raised me alone for the next five years!”
“Karna, that is terrible… do you think that he possibly died?” Said Sana. She then comforts Karna as she wipes her tears away; as she was getting emotional from telling the story of her troubled past.
“I do not know, but my mother told me to train hard and be strong, as one day. I might have to defend the village from other villages, or evil not from this world. She also gave me a potion, which was apparently from my father, that he gave to her on the day of his last departure to Eyos. My mother also told me. He said to her for me to drink this, as it will make me the best fighter in the land of Rune. I trusted my mother and father, with my life and drunk it. Therefore, I noticed while I was training and growing up… I could do things, no other fighter in the village could do. Was my father preparing me for the day, that Theron came to Rune!”
“Whatever, was in this potion, is simply extraordinary and it cannot fall into the hands of the wrong people either!”

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Legend of The Firestaff – Book 1 – Chapter 19
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Chapter 19 – Ambush of the Deadly Couatl!


The creature is coloured yellow along its scaly body; but, the head appears to be dark green. The entity has shades of emerald on its tail, and it has two large blue tinted-wings as well. It is a cross-breed of a dragonfly and a massive king cobra, but it is a much bigger size of a serpent. The reptile has an extremely extended mouth, which was vast enough to chew off a limb; Karna tries to intercept it with her iron shield, but it was much too fast for her. It lunges with its jaws and grabs Isai by his left leg, and then starts dragging him away from the party along the floor.
“GET IT OFF OF ME, KARNA AND RHEILL!” Yelled Isai in total fright and pain as the monster started gnawing on his leg.
Karna quickly catches up and stabs the creature in the side of the serpent’s throat, forcing it against the right-handed dungeon wall, “Drop him now, minion of the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl!”
It forces the monster to drop him momentarily onto the floor, Sana, quickly pulls Isai out of harm’s way, and Isai has a massive hole in his leg; blood squirts on her face.
“Isai, I don’t mean to make you worry more, but blood is going everywhere!” Screamed Sana in desperation.
Next, Sana wipes the blood from her face with her free hand and reaches for her dagger; she cuts off strips of his leather jerkin. Rheill, sees Sana helping him and shouts, “Conceal his wound and move him behind the teleporter, to where he cannot get you, me and Karna will finish this new devastating, beast off!”
Sana looks at him in disbelief as she wants to help after patching him up.
“SANA, DON’T ARGUE WITH RHEILL, JUST DO IT!” Screamed Karna, she then lowers her voice a little bit, “He is the only one that can heal. This thing is poisonous give him the antidote, ASAP!”
The evil reptile pushes Karna with massive force to the floor as it frees itself from her blade, but it is bleeding heavily; it then tries to bite Karna. Nonetheless, she blocks it with her shield while lying on her vertebrate. The creature takes her defensive-guard into its mouth, and as this happens, Rheill shouts “Karna roll, out of the way!”
Rheill comes crashing down with his, two-handed Axe, and chops the serpents, head right off, in the same spot, Karna, injured it with the blade of her sword. After slashing right through the serpent’s neck, the axe then strikes the ground violently; he didn’t want to damage her shield or well-being, “Thank you, Rheill, for warning me!” said a thankful, Karna.
Meanwhile, the fight was going on; Sana reaches for the only Anti-venom potion that was left. This creature seemed to have a less toxic venom than the Magenta Worms; but, Sana followed Karna’s instructions to be safe. She gets Isai stable and stops the bleeding and hands him an empty flask, “When you have the strength… try to make another VI healing potion!”
“Please, hold the flask for me as this pain is unbearable!” Cried, Isai.
Sana comforts him and holds the empty-transparent glassed-flask in her right hand. Isai is now able to channel his magical energy into the flask creating another VI healing potion, “Let me help you drink… open your mouth, darling!” Said Sana for the first time, showing her true feelings towards him as Isai finally is released of the pain from that gruesome bite.
‘I need to tell him and show my honest emotions and feeling towards him, but only after the quest is over,’ thought Sana silently to herself.
Back where Karna and Rheill are, both of them poke the dead beast with their weapons, and they see there is no way the creature is edible; as all that is left is its wings and snake-skinned scaly-body. They return to Sana and Isai back inside the chamber moments later.

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Legend of The Firestaff – Book 1 – Chapter 18
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Chapter 18 – Treasure Stores!


“The monster draws closer to us, get ready, everyone! It must be a new form of a swamp-type creature, and it has slime pouring all over it from its body!” Shouted Karna to the others with a disgusting and disdained look written across her face.
As the unknown-being becomes visible; it is a dark and green colour, it is darker than the Screamers, they had already encountered. The monster also has blue tentacles, which are moving about and are coming out of the top of it; this appears to be the creatures face.
Suddenly, Isai yells out, “DUCK!” as an incoming poisonous bolt flies towards them through the air.
It was much like Sana’s poisonous bolt, but it looked to be a much larger and more powerful projectile than what Sana already possesses. They all duck out of the way just in the nick of time as the bolt then collides with the dungeon wall; next to the grey-scaled stairs behind them that lead back up to the previous floor.
“Okay, we have never had to fight monsters with spells before and we have very little room here to move and avoid other than ducking!” Explained Sana.
“Another bolt! Get up the stairs we will see if it can climb the stairs!” Yelled Karna as they all quickly move and regroup up the stairs. Luckily, for the party, the green slimy-creature could not climb the stairs.
“Do we wait and see if it moves somewhere else on the level below or just try to fight it?” Asked Rheill.
“We need everyone to have anti-venom potions at the ready, just in case they get hit by any of its poisonous bolts. As you saw how swiftly, Sana’s Toxic bolts kill creatures that are much larger than us. However, what is more frightening, is the fact that Sana’s spells are much smaller than these new swamp-slime creatures’ venomous bolts!” Explained Isai.
Meanwhile, Isai starts to conjure four potions one for each of the members of the party, “Here take one each!” Stated Isai to all of them.
Sana, Karna and Rheill all take a flask from Isai and Isai keeps one for himself; All four of them then put the anti-venom potions inside of their small pouch-section of their backpacks. It was to ensure that they all had easy access to them; in case of them getting hit by one of these deadly large-poisonous bolts from the new green swamp-type monster.

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